Fashiontech scene booming in Paris!

This week Ricardo O'Nascimento, our founder, was invited to present the piece "wearable facade" at La Gaité Lyrique in Paris. This piece was developed by our team last year.  this exhibition in Paris is part of a bigger event organised by Showroom Prive, one of the biggest online fashion store, that counts with a contest and several workshops and talks. The exhibition features important designers on the fashiontech scene like Anouk Wipprecht, Pauline Van Dongen, Anja Hertemberger and Sensoree among others. 

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On the day after the opening Ricardo O'Nascimento was part of a Think tank organised by the fashiontech guru Bradley Queen at Atelier Nederlandaais also in Paris. In this day the best of fashion and technology were together to discuss and create the future of fashion and retail experience.  POPKALAB was in a table together with the trend forecaster Pierre-François Lelouët from Nelly Rodi and the visual artist Jakob Kok. In this session we discussed what is takes for the stores to sell fashiotech products and what are the trends in retail experiences. It got clear that stores are not only space to sell products but also spaces that generate content. Another aspect that is getting more popular is the gamification of the shopping experience with the use of interactive technology and multimedia content.  According to Pierre the youngsters are more interested on experience things rather than buying products. The first luxury item for kids from 18 till 21 years old is travel. A luxury bag came in 5th position according to their trend report to be released next month.  

For POPKALAB it was a confirmation that our vision about wearable tech is aligned with other major players. We believe that it should be fun, playful and efficient. Maybe we do not make your life more efficient but certainly it will be more interesting.