Last month it was inaugurated at Michele Didier a BLESS exhibition that we are proud to be part of. For this exhibition called "BLESS N.53 contenttenders" we were invited to develop 2 new pieces. 

One piece is the "Melodized Pillow Hammock" that this time was adapted to host the music composition "Ephemera" by Christian Marclay. By swing the hammock and moving its pillows you can influence the composition that can be heard through the cushions. 

Another piece is a reinterpretation of the work "One million years" by On Kawara. For his work we developed 2 cushions that are connected with each other. One is the male. The other is the female. They keep saying the years when you press or move them around. 

Here you find some pictures of the opening and also a video showing the pieces and people interacting with them. We hope you enjoy ;-)