During last week we had a workshop at the University of Antwerp to introduce to the product design students a bit of the wearable technology world. We used a  microcontroler, leds and conductive material to create wearable experiences and concepts.

More info about this and other workshops  at: http://www.workshopweek.be/

Bellow you can check some student's concepts:

"Airpaint glove" by  Louis Peys,   Mick Truyts,   Jeroom Placke and   Billie Demoor.

"Airpaint glove" by Louis Peys, Mick Truyts, Jeroom Placke and Billie Demoor.

Concept for a wearable that teaches CPR.  The colour of the light indicates if the pressure is correct.

And here an interview I did during the event ;-)