Fashiontech scene booming in Paris!

This week Ricardo O'Nascimento, our founder, was invited to present the piece "wearable facade" at La Gaité Lyrique in Paris. This piece was developed by our team last year.  this exhibition in Paris is part of a bigger event organised by Showroom Prive, one of the biggest online fashion store, that counts with a contest and several workshops and talks. The exhibition features important designers on the fashiontech scene like Anouk Wipprecht, Pauline Van Dongen, Anja Hertemberger and Sensoree among others. 

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On the day after the opening Ricardo O'Nascimento was part of a Think tank organised by the fashiontech guru Bradley Queen at Atelier Nederlandaais also in Paris. In this day the best of fashion and technology were together to discuss and create the future of fashion and retail experience.  POPKALAB was in a table together with the trend forecaster Pierre-François Lelouët from Nelly Rodi and the visual artist Jakob Kok. In this session we discussed what is takes for the stores to sell fashiotech products and what are the trends in retail experiences. It got clear that stores are not only space to sell products but also spaces that generate content. Another aspect that is getting more popular is the gamification of the shopping experience with the use of interactive technology and multimedia content.  According to Pierre the youngsters are more interested on experience things rather than buying products. The first luxury item for kids from 18 till 21 years old is travel. A luxury bag came in 5th position according to their trend report to be released next month.  

For POPKALAB it was a confirmation that our vision about wearable tech is aligned with other major players. We believe that it should be fun, playful and efficient. Maybe we do not make your life more efficient but certainly it will be more interesting.



Forum about Fashion and technology in Paris

Ricardo O'Nascimento (POPKALAB) will share his vision on the intersection between fashion and technology in Paris together with other pioneers in this area. Drop by if you are around!

Atelier néerlandais and CLICKNL | Next Fashion present


A forum for fashion, innovation and insight. We’ll explore the potentials of advanced materials, wearable technologies and future manufacturing, while considering surveillance and privacy issues, the implications for health and well-being and how wearables will radically change our bodies and our lives.

The seminar will be moderated by Bradley Quinn.

The programme

10.30 Registration
11.00 Opening and Welcome

11.10 Beyond Wearables | Bradley Quinn

11.40 Think Tank | Making Wearable Tech
With Pauline van Dongen, Valérie Lamontagne, Elisabeth de Senneville, Anouk Wipprecht

12.30 Lunch bites and chats

13:20 Pitch | New wearables in fashion film competition
Intro by Diane Pernet, founder A Shaded View on Fashion Films (ASVOFF), Pitch for ASVOFF 9 by Curator Alex Murray-Leslie

13.30 Think Tank | Thoughts on Merging Fashion and Technology
With Florence Bost, Luca Marchetti, Lianne Toussaint, Alice Gras

15.15 Think Tank | Challenging Production Technology
With Marina Toeters, Martijn van Strien, Oscar Tomico, Karin Vlug, Pauline Guesné 

16.30 Afternoon Tea

17.00 Think Tank | Fashion Futures & Multimedia
With Pierre-François Lelouët, Jacob Kok, Ricardo O’Nascimento

18.00 Wrap it up

18.30 Drinks and Dinner

This event takes place in close collaboration with the the first edition of WEAREABLE at Gaité Lyrique from Tuesday 9th to Sunday, February 14th 2016 organized by Showroomprivé and in partnership with the Gaité Lyrique.The event will celebrate innovation in the fashion industry through an award ceremony, talks, workshops and an exhibition on the theme of avant-garde projects.

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"Hacking public space" - Open Set Summer School 2015

Popkalab was invited to facilitate a workshop for graphic designers students as part of the Open Set Summer School here in Rotterdam. Open Set is a two-week intensive series of workshops, lectures and studio visits emphasizing on the interaction between noted Dutch and International graphic designers and artists. The theme of this year was "Designing Experience: moment, Stage, Memory". 

We developed a special one day workshop  inspired by tactical urbanism and urban guerrilla strategies. The workshop happened at V2 - Institute of Unstable Media. We started with a presentation of projects that challenge the use of public space. After being inspired, the participants had to use sound and interaction  to create new ways to experience the city and change our relation with it.

They formed groups and worked collaboratively to create pieces using the Audio FX Sound Board from Adafruit and speakers. The sound should be trigger using a switch button made with Aluminium foil. 

The outcome was very interesting and was great to see the students stepping out of their comfort zone and experimenting with new techniques and technologies. Despite of the short time they could develop working prototypes with strong concepts. 

One group created a blanket with embedded soft buttons that, when pressed, broadcast sound of nature. The idea was to create a device that brings nature closer to us by recreating its sounds in another context.

The second group was inspired by the trees in Rotterdam and created a piece where you seat in a interactive pillow next to a tree and start listening the sound of they imagined conversation. 

The third group created an urban intervention by covering part of the street floor  with an "invisible" switch. When someone step on it sounds of wild animals played on the speakers, surprising the pedestrians. 



POPKALAB at NYFW by CoolHunting

It was a while ago but we found only today this video about our Collaboration with Opening Ceremony and Adidas. Our hacked sneaker "Jump" was presented at NY Fashion Week. Thanks Coolhunting and Moondial for the invitation ;-)



INDITEX Creative Sessions UK

This time we went to London to give a talk followed by a workshop as part of the INDITEX Creative Sessions. We talked with the participants about the potentials and trends in fashionable technology. We also introduced some conductive threads, yarns,  smart materials, electronics and techniques used to develop smart clothing.  After this conversation we designed a light embroidered circuit.  



INDITEX Creative Sessions Paris

POPKALAB was invited to give an inspirational talk followed by a practical workshop to fashion students from french schools. For this session in Paris we prepared a presentation of trends in fashionable technology and smart materials. After getting to know a bit more about this exciting field the participants made an electronic circuit with leds and conductive thread. Fun!

POPKALAB team: Ricardo O'Nascimento and Emilie Giles.