Wearable technology can be used to create new experiences and engage people. Wearables are transforming the way we communicate. Clothes are becoming a key interface for graphic and kinetic expression and conforming to our moods and feelings – they become intelligent.

POPKALAB is a design research studio with a focus on innovation in the field of wearable technology. We are specialised on electronic textiles and reactive garments for entertainment and life style.

We count with a network of specialists in design, trend, photography, technology, engineering and programming to develop new and fresh ideas. Our core business are:


We bring to your table the coolest on wearable technology to help you decide the best werabletech solution for your project.


We count with a network of specialists to assure the highest standards of quality and innovation. From the concept to the final product.


We facilitate a series of workshops for beginners and advanced wearabletech entousiasts.